Success Stories

I’m currently working with Marci for osteoarthritis hip pain and her support is a game changer. Her ability to differentiate the subtle adjustments in my every day movements and habits is awakening me to really use my body to best serve my life and empower my health. It goes without saying, in order to reap the full benefits of her care, I take my homework seriously and follow through with daily practice in between sessions. After only 4 sessions, I’m experiencing a shift in both the pain and my consciousness around body mechanics and proper movement for maximum results. Marci’s dedication, experience and instincts are a gift. She meets patients exactly where they are with kindness, sensitivity and care. She is committed to helping you get results by tailoring her treatment and patient education, specific to your unique situation and needs.
- Theresa C.
Marci is such an incredible physical therapist! Aside from being very clearly passionate about her work, extremely knowledgeable, focused, and attentive to details, she went above and beyond to help me feel supported and well cared for. I came to her with an issue in my lower back, and she gave such a thorough exam that she was able to make connections to other issues I was having that were related to the pain in my back. Not only was I grateful for the relief after our session, but she educated me about things I can do on my own, and followed up with me to check in. She was very caring and empathic during our session and really helped me understand what was going on with my body as well as made me feel more confident about what I can do to feel better. Marci is a true gem and I will be definitely be returning to her for treatment!
- Laura S.

I am a 55 year old woman. I exercise extensively by swimming and doing strength and weight training. I also practice a moderate form of yoga and I work diligently on stretching and balance.

It all started when I had a difficulty lifting my head off the pillow and turning my head right and left whilst driving. My lower spine was moving around making me feel uncomfortable. I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in my neck and lower back. When I started physical therapy, I was told that I had weak muscles around my neck and back. I needed exercises that focused on posture and alignment to help alleviate the pain.

I worked with Marci for 8 weeks and she helped me build on the existing exercises I had previously learned. With her knowledge and experience she introduced me to more effective exercises helping me create a routine that suited my needs. By integrating her exercises and teaching me correct form, Marci gave me more understanding of why and what the exercises should be doing to help me. She reinforced positivity and encouraged me to do the exercises
before each of our sessions.

I continue to practice all the various exercises I’ve learned from Marci and take the time to do them everyday. After 4 months of incorporating the physical therapy work I did with Marci, along with my extensive work out routine. I can move my neck and back with very little discomfort. Her help and encouragement has given me the confidence and understanding of the importance of helping myself. I believe learning from experienced people like Marci and combining it with my self discipline gave me the positive reinforcement to do the exercises consistently and regularly to heal my body.

- Nancy K.
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