Dollar Tree Support for Labor & Delivery

The way a woman chooses to give birth has many factors. It’s a deeply personal decision, often made more complex by additional people in the birth space, the position of her baby and her personal physical and medical history.

Today, we’re sharing some of the benefits for pushing during labor in positions that aren’t lying flat on your back, and we’ll also share a tip for how to make the most of lying on your back when it’s absolutely necessary!

Best of all, we’ll offer a hack to help support your sacrum that you can likely find at your local dollar store!

One significant benefit for women who choose not to give birth in the conventionally-recognized lying on their back position, also known as “supine” position, is reduced pressure on the perineum and potentially less, or less severe, perineal tears.

When a woman is upright or in a non-supine position, such as squatting, kneeling, or on all fours, gravity can assist in the descent of the baby. This can lead to a more natural and potentially less painful birthing process. Additionally, these positions can increase the pelvic outlet’s size, which may facilitate a smoother delivery and reduce the need for interventions such as episiotomies or the use of forceps.

More importantly, it can allow the sacrum space to open which reduces overall trauma to that part of the body.

But what are your options for support when there’s no other choice but to remain on your back?

If you do find yourself pushing and laboring while on your back, you can easily construct a sacral nest to give the sacrum and entire pelvis space to open. This can be done with a simple prop from home or from the Dollar Tree!

Simply use a towel or pool noodle – something that can be cylindrical and firm enough to hold its shape – to fashion a circular nest around your seat.

This nest allows for the slight lifting, support and opening of the sacrum, making labor and pushing have less force against the pelvic floor.

If you are preparing for childbirth, and want to talk further about how this trick may help you, please reach out today!


Dr. Stephanie Perez

PT, DPT- Owner and Founder

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