Squatty Potty

Ever heard of a squatty potty? What’s the deal and why is it helpful?

The lower intestinal tract has a natural sharp curve that can create potential challenges while going number 2. If you experience constipation, hemorrhoids, incomplete emptying, fecal incontinence, or the feeling of needing to strain while having a bowel movement, here’s a helpful tip!

Try placing your feet on a “squatty potty” or any small step stool while sitting on the commode. Raising the legs up and leaning forward helps to reduce the severity of the “kink” and creates an easier path for the bowels to move.
There are other important factors to consider as well, so make sure you are also: ✔Drinking at least 64 ounces of water💦
✔Ingesting fiber-filled foods🥦
✔Taking a quality probiotic💊
✔Relaxing your pelvic floor🧘‍♀️

Questions? Shoot me a message! Hopefully these tips will help with any of your “poo poo” problems!💩

Take care and be well!

~Dr. Steph


Dr. Stephanie Perez

PT, DPT- Owner and Founder

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