The Birth Story of Dylan Enrique

My third pregnancy was a surprise. We were not expecting to have another child, and after processing the news, decided that I wanted to make sure that I did everything this pregnancy that I wanted to do but never did with my previous two pregnancies. I started by hiring a doula, Kirsten Clark with Sacred Haven Birth Services. She was one of the first people I told of the news and helped me accept and process when I was feeling overwhelmed! I chose Dr. Daniell to by my OBGYN due to her great reputation for natural birth support. My husband and mother were my rocks in helping me feel confident and supported all of the things I wanted to do this pregnancy. This pregnancy was great. I worked out, did chiropractic and physical therapy care, got a henna belly tattoo. My only challenges were at the very end with low back and pelvic pain.

Dylan’s due date was Jan 26th. I started having Braxton Hicks contractions during the 38th week that tricked us a few times, but never escalated. Here we were, Jan 26th and no baby. I became fully prepared to last another week. I spent the afternoon at my Mom’s house, and after making me some fresh banana bread that I was craving, convinced me to go on a walk. We walked (I waddled) maybe a mile, me going VERY slow. I had learned about the Miles Circuit to help progress labor and position baby, that recommended curb walking for opening up the pelvis, so I did some of that along our path. We returned home and I noticed that my contractions were starting to actually feel uncomfortable. I was doubting my body so was still in disbelief that it could actually be labor. I started timing them, about 10 minutes apart, and they continued to feel uncomfortable through dinner. I ate my dinner, knowing I would need energy if labor was truly imminent, and decided I wanted to go back to my house. I called my doula on the way home, remaining skeptical that this was actually labor, but that I wanted to keep her updated. We agreed to each take a shower and reconnect in about 15 minutes. I took a hot shower (that always changed things before when I thought I was in labor but wasn’t) and continued to feel the contractions. The intensity was increasing, making

me squint my eyes and wiggle my toes. I called Kirsten and she said she was on her way. By this time the surges were about 4 minutes apart. When Kirsten arrived she recommended we try the 3 sisters of balance. We started with the forward leaning inversion. When I sat up, my contraction was stronger and closer together. We moved on to the rebozo hip sifting. When we finished my contraction was stronger and closer together. Finally we finished with the sidelying release, which also ended with a stronger and quicker contraction. At this point we were 2-3 minutes apart and Kirsten said it was time to head to the hospital. The 20 minute drive to Huntsville Hospital comprised of me grabbing the “Oh ****” handle” (which I have renamed the labor handle), and moaning through contractions. We arrived to the hospital and Kirsten was waiting to escort me to the second floor. I signed in (with zero compassion from the secretary but that’s another story), and a triage nurse came to get me. I arrived to triage, started having a contraction, and the nurse quickly dropped down and started a hip squeeze on me. It really helped and was much appreciated. I changed into the hospital gown, laid down and she checked my cervix. I began to pray, please be at least 6cm dilated. The nurse began to giggle as she said, well, you are almost there! 8-9 cm and 80% effaced. I was so surprised! We walked up the hall to my Labor & Delivery room. I had a contraction along the way so we stopped and I grabbed the hand rail and swayed as the nurse squeezed my hips. When I arrived to my room, I asked for the birth ball and the nitrous oxide. I sat on the birth ball, leaning forward over the bed and held hands with either my husband or my Mom, squeezing and pulling on them when I felt contractions and Kirsten squeezed my hips. I ended up not liking the nitrous oxide due to feeling claustrophobic and it did not seem to help. Suddenly I felt my body push. I climbed on the bed and Kirsten put the birth ball under me so that I could rest on it while in the hands and knees position. I could feel him descending lower into my pelvis, and I felt my water break (something I was never able to feel naturally before as my water was always broken for me). I felt the urge for my body to push and with one loud, animalistic roar, out he came. I heard him cry and I could do nothing but smile. Dr. Daniell passed him to me between my knees and I held my first baby boy with a head full of hair!

Dylan Enrique Perez arrived on his due date, January 26th, 2020 at 9:35, just under an hour from getting to the hospital He weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces, and measured 20 inches long. I opted to try placenta encapsulation this time (upcoming blog post about that!) I could not have asked for a better birth. I wanted to labor at home as long as possible and have a low intervention birth, that was fast. All of my goals were met and I felt fully supported in all of my needs. I could not have done it without my amazing birth support team: my husband, mom, doula, and Dr. Daniell.

I delivered at Huntsville Hospital in Huntsville, Alabama. Dr. Marsha Daniell is a family practice OBGYN with UAB. Kirsten Clark is a doula with Sacred Haven Birth Services. My husband, Frankie Perez, and Mom, Sandra Salcido, are amazing 🙂

Big Sisters Sophia (5) and Isabella (3) are very excited about their little brother.


Dr. Stephanie Perez

PT, DPT- Owner and Founder

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