The Importance of Massaging your C-section Scar

A Caesarean section is an abdominal surgery performed to deliver a baby from a women’s uterus. Like all surgeries, healing requires formation of a scar. Scar tissue is important for closing a wound and making our tissue strong again, but can also be a source of trouble! After many surgeries, patients are instructed to massage scars to ensure tissue mobility and decrease pain, but for most women after a c-section, this important piece of information is not relayed.

Massaging the scar after c section is extreme important. Scar tissue in its nature lays down in an unorganized fashion compared to the regular routine of our connective tissue system. (normal ligament, tendon, skin generation). Our nerves can get jumbled up in the scar tissue, leading to numbness and sensitivity. Some people may lay down extra scar, or scarring that extends from the boundaries of the wound. The scar tissue can actually grow deep and attach itself to surrounding structures. Some scar tissue from cesarean sections have been known to grow down into the abdomen and attach itself to the uterus, ovaries, and intestines! Good mobility is more than just flexibility of our muscles and joints. Movement also must occur through the layers of our skin, organs, and surrounding fascia layers. When we have a compromised ability for these layers to move, it creates restrictions and pain. Restricted c-section scarring could contribute to abdominal pain, low back pain, pain with intercourse, and prolapse.

The same importance on massage applies to perineal/vaginal scarring as well. If there is any tearing or episiotomy during a vaginal delivery, the scar tissue needs to be massaged. This area commonly contributes to painful intercourse when restriction is present.

I am not sure why this information is not being told to Mommas, but we can advocate for each other and spread the word. Make sure you massage your scars!!


Dr. Stephanie Perez

PT, DPT- Owner and Founder

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