The “Mommy Stance” and Why We Need to Correct our Posture

Do you look like this while holding baby? What about when just standing in general? As we grow into a beautiful and full pregnant body, our body changes and shifts to accommodate growing baby. After we deliver, our body often stays in these pregnant postures and positions and we have to do some conscious corrective activities to get our body out of “pregnancy mode.” This typical “mommy stance” includes a forward shifted pelvis with tucked glutes, sway back, rib cage flared up. When we stand in this posture, especially for years and while holding a weight, it really places excess stress on our body. The posterior pelvic tilt and flared rib cage shuts our glute and deep core activity down, making it hard to activate those important muscle groups for stabilizing our low back and pelvis. Additionally, our pelvic organs (bladder, uterus, rectum) sit inside the pelvis and are supported by the pelvic floor muscles and bony structure of our pelvis. When the position of the pelvis is off, it makes it difficult for the pelvic floor muscles to work properly and we actually shift that bony support off our bladder (think about leakage while exercising!). How do we correct this?

Stand sideways next to a mirror and check yourself out? We want to imagine our ribcage is a like bell, and our pelvis is like a bowl. Where is your bell and your bowl? Is your bowl shifted forward? Pouring water out of the front or back? Is your bell in the “rung up” position? Now, shift your body weight forward over your feet as you bring your hips back underneath you until you reach a position where your bell is over your bowl. This is a neutral posture position! You might feel strange, like you are leaning forward, but that is normal. We have to retrain our bodies what a neutral posture feels like, then strengthen ourselves in that good position.

Not sure if you are doing it right? Let’s chat! We can set up a video consultation so I can give you feedback on your posture and how to correct your position at home, while holding baby, or doing whatever life requires of you!

Big shout out to Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist Julie Wiebe for the postural correction techniques. For more information, check out her YouTube channel.

Take care of yourself and be well.

~Dr. Steph


Dr. Stephanie Perez

PT, DPT- Owner and Founder

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