The Perfect Postpartum Gift

Want to bring a new Mom the perfect gift? More than likely she has already received lots of great gifts for baby, but what does SHE need?? Here are some recommendations for a nice package to make her feel special but provide useful tools to help navigate a new life at home with newborn baby.

~Extra long charging cord – hospital outlets are never conveniently positioned, and who knows where Mom will need to sit down to nurse so a long cord will keep her phone charged so she can take as many pictures as she wants of her adorable new addition!

~A cup with straw for water through the day – a nursing Momma needs to stay well hydrated and having a straw will help her drink more and faster while she is multi-tasking. Choose a stainless steel or glass option to prevent Momma from drinking out of plastic:

~Dry shampoo – paraben and sulfate free. Showers may not be happening as frequently so anything to help Momma feel more human will help!

~Nursing tank-top – Target has a nice selection:

~Comfy pajamas – The Stars Above brand at Target is SUPER soft and has a button-up top, perfect for layering a nursing tank underneath for easy access!

~Pads, witch hazel, and lavendar essential oils for making “Padsicles.” The Always thin overnight pads with wings offer great protection without feeling too bulky. Pour some witch hazel on the pads, add a drop of lavendar essential oil, then wrap back up and freeze. When it’s time for a pad change the cold pad with witch hazel will offer a soothing experience and help reduce swelling and inflammation.

~Soothies – miniature ice packs for your nipples!

~Nipple cream – Motherlove makes a nice organic option:

~Reusable breast pads – washable and more contoured shape:

~Postpartum tea (red raspberry leaf, lactation tea) – Traditional Medicine’s Mother’s Milk makes a comforting tea that will support Mom while she is breastfeeding.

~Haakaa – don’t let ANY milk go to waste! This cup catches the let down of the other breast while nursing. You would be surprised at how much you can save!

~Hands free pumping bra – if Mom will be heading back to work, this is a must have.

~Breast milk storage bags – can’t have too many of these:

~Gripe Water – Why is baby crying? Tummy ache? Hiccups? Gas? This works wonders!

~Hand sanitizer – because GERMS

~Ponytail holders – for all the messy Mom buns

~Chapstick, body lotion, facial cleansing wipes – for ease of daily hygiene and routine – Rodan+Fields has some great options:

~Snacks that are easily easily with one hand – Larabars, lactation cookies, individually wrapped guacamole and hummus cups, nuts/seeds

~Giftcards – Starbucks, Amazon, Target


What was helpful for you during the postpartum period? Any other gifts that you like to give? Let’s keep on blessing the new Mommas out there!

Take care and be well,

~Dr. Steph


Dr. Stephanie Perez

PT, DPT- Owner and Founder

Our mission at Empowered Wellness is to empower women to achieve optimal physical, emotional, and mental well-being through comprehensive, personalized care.

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