Squatty Potty

Ever heard of a squatty potty? What’s the deal and why is it helpful? The lower intestinal tract has a natural sharp curve that can create potential challenges while going number 2. If you experience constipation, hemorrhoids, incomplete emptying, fecal incontinence, or the feeling of needing to strain while having a bowel movement, here’s a

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Back-Friendly Lifting in Pregnancy and Postpartum

Today’s post comes from guest-blogger Madison Cleckler, prenatal and postpartum online trainer! Enjoy as she discusses various methods of strengthening your back with pregnancy and postpartum considerations. 4 Ways to Lift in Pregnancy and Postpartum Back pain is super duper common in pregnancy and postpartum. Often when people come to me with questions about back

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Investing in Yourself

Today’s Wellness Wednesday is from return guest blogger Charli Hamlin. She discusses the importance of investing in yourself to support your overall health. I’ve had a lot of time to think and reflect during our state’s shelter in place, which conveniently coincides with my maternity leave (silver linings). Let me start with the disclaimer that

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